This bulletin was published on 21 January 2016

'Green Screen' at the Shard

Simon Hodgson spoke at the ‘Innovation that Saves Energy and Promotes Sustainability’ event in January 2016 at the Shard. The event, organised by the Warwick Technology and Global Energy Professional Networks including Dragos Petre, attracted 70 people interested in IT companies’ overall contribution to environmental sustainability.

Simon presented a summary of the ‘Green Screen’ report, discussing the direct, indirect and societal effects of the IT sector, as well as recommendations for how it can maximise sustainability benefits. He was joined on the panel by James Johnston, Co-founder and CEO of Open Utility, and Daniel Fogg, Chief Operations Officer at BuffaloGrid, who shared their experiences working in start-ups operating at the intersection of the IT, energy and utilities sectors. The panel provided excellent real world case studies for how technology brings environmental and social benefits, but also the challenges encountered. The panel was chaired by David Elmes, Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School.