2023/24 Sustainability CensusReport

The 2023/24 Sustainability Census Report is now live!

The report aims to paint a holistic and global picture of the sustainability profession within business and finance.

With over 2,200 responses globally, it is the largest global report of its kind and discloses more information than ever before about what it’s like to work in a sustainability-related profession today.

Stemming from the rich legacy of the CR Salary Survey, first launched by Acre and Carnstone in 2007, the Sustainability Census sheds light on the current challenges faced by sustainability professionals and whether employers are doing enough to help those tasked with owning or driving the sustainable change our planet so urgently needs.

Expanding on previous years, this report unpacks the following and much more:

• Do sustainability professionals feel fairly compensated for the work they do?
• Do sustainability professionals believe that their organisation’s sustainability targets are achievable within the timeframes set?
• Who owns sustainability at board level, and how are organisations structuring their sustainability functions?
• Are sustainability professionals receiving the backing they need to achieve their organisation’s targets - be those impact-driven, financial or both?
• How are sustainability professionals being compensated across the globe?

As the world leans heavily on the shoulders of the few, this report offers insight into the current state of the sustainability profession, offering a benchmark for navigating the challenging terrain ahead with hope.

The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is now available to download here.

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