This bulletin was published on 20 March 2018
The sustainability salary survey returns for its 10th anniversary year!

The sustainability salary survey returns for its 10th anniversary year!

The 2018 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Salary Survey, undertaken by Acre, Carnstone and Flag, was launched on 21st March 2018 and aims to deliver the ultimate report on professionals working in the CRS field.

It is inviting employees in the sector who work in-house, as well as in external consultancies, to sign up and shed light on their salaries and benefits, responsibilities and backgrounds.

The biennial study - in its 10th year and believed to be the largest of its kind - promises to disclose extra information to give even more valuable insight.

Those who take part contribute to the clearest understanding of the professional CRS landscape in existence.

In addition to revealing earning power and skills required for success, the 2018 survey will also divulge details on diversity, budgets and team sizes as well as drawing comparisons across the previous six surveys.

If you would like to know more about the salaries & benefits, responsibilities and backgrounds of people working in the sector, then please contribute by completing the survey. By participating you will be the first to receive a full report on the findings, including statistical analysis, comments from some of the sector's leading professionals, and some predictions as to what these trends suggest for the future.

The report will be published in early June. By participating you will be invited to a launch event with the chance to discuss the results and the implications for you and the sector.

To take part (the survey should take no more than five minutes to complete) please visit:

Submissions are 100% confidential – no participants' names or contact details will be published or made available to any third parties at any stage. The results will be collated by the three companies and revealed at a later date, with all participants receiving a copy.