As leaders in our field, we regularly publish reports and commentary on emerging and established sustainability issues. We do so on our own, on behalf of our clients and with our partners.

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Who's the Greatest? Who's the Greenest? Article

Who's the Greatest? Who's the Greenest?

CSR Salary Survey 2007 Report

Carnstone (then Acona), in conjunction with Acre Resources and Ethical Performance, has undertaken the first detailed study of remuneration, working conditions, background and principal activities of those working on corporate responsibility (CR) issues. Nearly 300 people participated in what is intended to be an annual survey. The results cover those employed in-house, as well as the growing number of external consultants operating in this field, and provide information on average salaries and bonus levels, location and experience of CR practitioners, and how they spend their time.

The man who's died twice Article

With George Monbiot.

Briefing paper: An uncertain business: the technical, social and commercial challenges presented by nanotechnology Report

Commercialising nanotechnologies presents huge opportunities for business. But at the same time - while the evidence of harm is currently limited - there is real uncertainty over the potential environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks of some nanoscale materials. All businesses with an interest in this area will need strategies for dealing with these uncertainties.

The Economist Next Door Article

With Ian Pearson.

The Storyteller Article

With Michael Morpugo.

The Customer Assumption Report

A clear trend is emerging; more companies are increasing their involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and more customers want to trust that business practices are ethical. Yet customers are sceptical of the validity of ethical claims, and businesses have doubts about the sincerity of customer interest. In an effort to better understand why businesses are often slow to engage customers on CSR, this report looks firstly at the evidence for customer interest in environmental and social issues, then secondly at some of the common barriers preventing businesses from engaging with customers and markets on the subject of CSR. Finally it reviews best practice in this area to identify approaches taken to overcome some of these barriers and suggests practical steps for better customer engagement.

Defining best practice in corporate occupational health and safety governance Report

The report presents an outline framework for what, in the authors' view, Best Practice in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) governance looks like. This framework consists of seven basic principles covering: director competence; director roles and responsibilities; culture, standards and values, strategic implications; performance management, internal controls; organisational structure.

Rewarding Virtue Report

Corporate Responsibility is often challenging, and there are already heavy demands placed on Directors of large companies. However, effective Board action on sustainability issues need not involve onerous work. The secret of success is to ensure that - in choosing strategy, approaching regulation, designing incentives, shaping the organisational culture, and overseeing internal control - 'virtue' is rewarded.

A Predictable Outcome Article

With Ashok Sinha, Stop Climate Chaos.

The Complexities of Life Article

With Robert Napier.

Not as simple as you might think Article

With David Bellamy.

Slowburn Article

With Elliot Morley.

What kind of animal are you? Article

With Dr. Glyn Davies.

A wild ride… Article

With Michael Molitor.

It's all on the label Article

With Jonathon Porritt.

White: Academic or activist Article

With Robin Grove.

Going with the flow? Article

With Jim Haywood.

Buying Your Way Into Trouble Report

Few companies look at their supply chain as an integrated system and most importantly, at how their own buying practices affect suppliers' ability to meet their own commitments to uphold international labour standards. The report explores how certain characteristics or organisations link to, and may undermine, commitments in typical supply chain labour standards codes of practice. Indeed some companies may be inadvertently pursuing a buying strategy that creates tension, or in some cases directly conflicts with their commitments to ethical sourcing.

An air of professional detachment Article

With Sir Tom Blundell.

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